Aerial photography

We can photograph from above everything – aerial photography of castles, administrative buildings, industrial buildings and other urbans units.

Very interesting are aerial photography of objects, which by their flatness of the land doesn’t stand out. For example: aerial photography of playgrounds, sporst, stadium, solar power, etc.

We can make genre aerial photography with nice atmosphere of beautiful day and technical aerial photography of the exact coordinates and elevations for architectural renderings and models.

We make also specialized aerial photography for post-processing, but we can also in cooperation with the 3D FACE create 3D visualization of any object.

We create oblique and vertical aerial and aerial photography anywhere through the Czech Republic, due to economical aircrafts at facorable prices.

We offer professional aerial photography and video from the aerial platforms, unmanned helicopter, piloted aircraft or modern helicopters.

The concept of aerial photographs is adapted to the nature of the contract, we as fancy as well as documentation aerial photography and filming.

According to the desired height and the technical quality of the photographs we are able to choose the appropriate type of hardware.

For example (Your house):

Aerial photography requires perfect harmony between pilot and photographer (director of photography) perfectly tuned machine equipped with precise GPS navigation, good weather and luck.

Also important is the subsequent technical modification aerial photos or movies on your computer, correction, editing, sound and other elements.

We are able to process further that aerial photos and video (retouching, masking, animation, rendering, editing, subtitles, audio) to customer.


Team of aerial photography company FOTO-GRAFIKA